• Jack Gunn

Vans X Huck Collaboration

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Street Photography for VANS X HUCK

Jack Gunn Photo Vans Huck
photo by jack gunn

On the 20th of October, HUCK invited a group of up-and-coming London photographers to the House of VANS for a street photography workshop

After talks with José Sarmento Matos and Charlie Kwai the group split up with an hour to find 8 frames that work as a series.

Being from a small fishing village in Norfolk I'm used to silence and find comfort in isolation

For me, the city is overwhelming

The constant noise is inescapable, loud and violent

I wanted to capture this, creating a frame where people are dwarfed by the city

To do this I looked for people alone, singling them as the frame is consumed with concrete

Photography by Jack Gunn (2018)